A centre for research in traditional complementary and alternative medicine established in June, 2017 aims to support World Health Organization programme in integrate traditional medical practice into public healthcare in Nigeria and around the globe

The centre is to support the work of the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014–2023, assist the Federal, state and local governments in Nigeria develop policies and implement plans that strengthen the role traditional medicine (TM) plays in keeping populations healthy. The center will work in collaboration with the Nigerian Council of Physician of Natural Medicine (NCPNM) and other traditional medical practitioners.


To help the Federal, States and Local governments in Nigeria integrate Research in Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (RTCAM) into healthcare systems in Nigeria.

  • Coordinates research that will confirm safety and efficacy of potential herbal remedy
  • Train researchers from governmental and non governmental institutions and traditional medical practitioners


  1. Organize or co-organize workshops and seminars on “Research in Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine education in Nigeria”
  2. Training of orthodox (medical doctors and nurses) and Health workers on the role of traditional medicine in health care delivery to the population
  3. Training of traditional medical practitioners on the role of safety and efficacy of alternative and complementary medicine
  4. Update the extent of usage of Traditional Medicines in Nigeria based on published data either in peer-reviewed quality journals, dissertations, and thesis or government reports.
  5. Support WHO activity in production, maintenance and update of TCAM information in Nigeria.
  6. Stimulating strategic research into TCAM by providing support for clinical research projects on its safety and effectiveness
  7. Advocating the rational use of TCAM through the promotion of its evidence based use
  8. Mediating information on RTCAM by acting as a clearing-house to facilitate information exchange among the government and non-governmental agencies and institutions
  9. Strengthen co-operation between TM providers and other health care providers

Dr. O.O Aina                    Pharmacologist/Head of Centre
Dr. A. A Onifade              Immunologist
Dr. O Ajibaye                   Biochemist