Dr. O.O. Aina
Biochemistry Department
Seasonal Variation in Malaria Prevalence and Anaemia in Ijede, Ikorodu L.G.A. Lagos, Nigeria8th February 2017
Mrs. Ngozi Otuonye
Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
Current and Potential Diagnostic Services at the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory NIMR, Lagos22nd February 2017
Dr. Ada Okechukwu
Clinical Sciences Department
Renal Disease in HIV Positive Adult Nigeria: Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors22nd March 2017
Emergency and Preparedness Response Group1. Epidemiology And Management of Neisseria Meningitis In Nigeria

2. Neisseria Meningitis Outbreak in Nigeria: the Current Situation

3. Laboratory Diagnosis and Characterisation of Neisseria Meningitis
19th April 2017
Mr. Azuka Okwuraiwe
Human Virology Laboratory
Validation of Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Samples For Viral Load Assay in Nigeria26th April 2017
Mr. Akindele Samuel
Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
Effect of Artemisinin based combination therapy and chloroquine treatment on Liver Enzymes and biomarkers in Plasmodium Berghei Malaria Infection26th April 2017
Mr. Henry Emmanuel UzomaIntestinal parasitic infections: current status and associated Risk Factors among School aged Children in Makoko, Lagos State26th April 2017
Mrs. E.E AfochaSituation Analysis of Dengue as a disease of Public Health concern in Nigeria31st May 2017
Dr. Nneka OnyejepuA mentoring and supervisory programme to improve the quality tuberculosis reference Laboratories in Nigeria: An Implementation Research31st May 2017
Alh. T.Y. RaheemPerformance assessment of rapid Diagnostic Kit for the diagnostic of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Lagos, Nigeria31st May 2017
Dr. A.G. OhihoinHIV Status Discordance: Associated Factors Among HIV Positive Women Attending Antenatal Clinic In Lagos, Southwest, Nigeria31st May 2017
Dr. B.A. IwalokunThe use of bioinformatics to test the druggability of novel drug targets in Human and Zoonotic Pathogens: Mycobacterium Leprae 3-Ketoacylcoa Thiolase as a case study14th June 2017
Mrs. U.T. IgbasiMolecular profile of antimalarial drug resistant Genes to artemisinin, chloroquine and sulphadoxine pyrimethamine in Lagos, Nigeria14th June 2017
Mrs. G.B. AkintundeEpidemiology of sero-conversion rate against measles among Nigeria children in the first 2 years of Life28th June 2017
Mr. A.P. OkwuraiwePattern of HCV Genotypes in HIV-1/HCV Co-infected subjects on first Line antiretrovirals28th June 2017
Mrs. N.E. TochukwuDrug susceptibility of mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex by phenotypic proportion method12th July 2017
Mrs. Veronica N. Victor EnyaCurrent Laboratory diagnostic approach to semenology for male infertility12th July 2017
Prof. David Conway
Head Of Department
Pathogen Molecular Biology
London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine
Multiplication rate variation and adaptation of the malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum in West Africa26th July 2017
Dr. O.O. AinaIntegration of traditional medicine practice into conventional health care: A model for Nigeria26th July 2017
Rev’d (Sis.) C.O. EjezieRapid diagnosis of tuberculosis using Genexpert MTB/RIF Assay26th July 2017
Mr. O.S. AmooObesity and reproductive function in a Sample of Nigerian Men seeking fertility treatment26th July 2017
Dr. Jane O. OkwuzuToxoplasmosis Infection in HIV Infected Adults in Lagos State9th August 2017
Dr. T.A. BamideleAntibacterial activities of probiotic lactic acid bacteria against Metronidazole Resistant Atopobium Vaginae Isolated From Nigerian Women with bacterial vaginosis9th August 2017
Mr. D.O. AkandeA comparative survey analysis of five diagnostic methods for the determination of urinary schistosomiasis among school aged children in Imala-Odo Community, Ogun State9th August 2017
Ms. Corinne NgnamekoIdentification of inhibitors of helicobacter pylori from Cameroonian medical plants29th August 2017
Mrs. Chinedum OparaugoTrend in bacterial vaginosis infection over a 9-year period at a healthy facility in Lagos, Nigeria29th August 2017
Mr. Adeniyi K. AdeneyeEpidemiology of sucide in Nigeria: a rising social problem of public health significance13th September 2017
Dr. C.K. OnwuamahCorrelation of GST T1 and m1 genotypes with measures for genome integrity in children exposed to ARVS13th September 2017
Prof. Olugbemiro Sodeinde, Fmcpaed (Nig), Fas“Cry, The Beloved Country; But Sunkunmus, Riranmus!’’25th September 2017


Dr. Greg Ohihoin & Mrs. F.A. IgeAn update of Lassa fever outbreak in NigeriaJanuary 13, 2016
Prof. S.A. Omilabu Dr. Greg Ohihoin
Dr. O.B. Salu, Dr. T.S. Awolola
Presentation on Zika virusFebruary 25, 2016
Mr. Solomon Abiola
Research Associate – University of Rochester, New York NTD Group
Node: infectious disease tracking using amartphoes, Nigeria Ebola case study and application to Lassa fever and Zika virusMarch 9, 2016
Mrs. F. IgeFire Emergency preparednessMarch 23, 2016
Dr. Agatha Wapmuk (MaRCH Group)The changing trend and pattern of sexual assaults: a ten year experience at NIMR, LagosApril 13, 2016
Dr. Rosemary Audu
TB/HIV Group
HIV drug resistance and implications for optimizing antiretroviral therapy: preliminary findingsMay 25, 2016
Dr. Agatha N. David
Clinical Science Division
Health AwarenessJune 22, 2016