The Division is saddled with responsibility of handling financial matters of the Institute. The major functions performed in this Division include the following:

  • Maintenance of the Institute’s books of accounts and financial records
  • Organizing and coordinating accounting activities of the Institute
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual operating statements; and
  • Preparation of the Institute’s annual budgets
  • Financial Grant Management

Management of External Grants

The Division has been doing its best to ensure that all funds received from External Donors are successfully managed in cooperation with Principal Investigators/Managers of donor funded projects and programmes

Senior Staff
Mr. Y. Y. Ogaji                 Director (Accounts & Finance) / HOD
Mr. B. S Kadiri                 Deputy-Director (Accounts)
Mr. B. O. Aina                 Deputy-Director (Accounts)
Mr. O.D. Abiola               Chief Conf. Secretary
Miss. C Otuokpaikhian   Principal Accountant
Mr. M. Olatunji               Prin. Exec. Officer II (Accts.)
Mr. K.O Ologwu             Senior Accountant
Mr. N.O Iwegbu             Principal Exec. Officer (Accounts)
Mrs. M.A. Olatunji          Higher Exec. Officer (Accts.)
Mrs. E.O. Ajape              Senior Exec. Officer (Accts.)
Mr. A. F Adebayo          Senior Exec. Officer (Accts.)
Mr. C. Uzuh                   Senior Stores Officer
Mr. P.A Kudi                  Senior Stores Officer