Internal Audit

The Internal Audit is responsible for routine and continuous internal control checks to ensure that the Institute’s operations are conducted in accordance with government policies, rules and regulations and other relevant circulars of government. The internal audit also ensures that the institute obtains value for money in respect of payment for government goods and services. It ensures goods or services procured follow due process, conform to specification without compromising quality.  Internal Audit also carries out price verification on demand for goods and services, and provides the management with strength for bargaining expenditure.  The Unit also ensures that government assets are accounted for, preserved, and maintained according to standing regulations.


  • Provide financial advice to the Management and other Employees
  • Auditing of Financial Records/Documents of the Institute
  • Carry out financial investigations Management based on government regulations
  • Investigate on request financial matters and issues that are of relative importance and concern to the management
  • Conduct Prepayment audit of all transaction before any payment
  • Ensure that paid vouchers were duly receipted acknowledged and accounted for
  • Eliminate likely possible loopholes in payment for goods/services; and issuance of certificate / endorsement for job done/goods supplied.
  • Ensure that Institutional income and expenditures duly documented
  • Ensured that projects/supplies conformed with official regulations & users specification
  • Ensure that no fictitious payments are made

Senior Staff

Mr. F. Osagiede            Deputy Director (Internal Audit)
Mr. S. R. Adah              Assistant Chief Internal Auditor
Mrs. B. N. A. Kadiri     Principal Internal Auditor
Mrs. A. O. Okolie         Principal Conf. Secretary ll
Mrs. M. A. Akhigbe     Principal Executive Officer (Audit)
Mrs. F. Olusoga           Higher Executive Officer (Audit)
Mr. O. J. Izevbizua      Higher Executive Officer (Audit)
Mr. H. Sanni                 Executive Officer (Audit)
Mr. S.O. Ezeigbo          Executive Officer (Audit)