About Us


To be an institution of excellence in basic, applied and operational research for the promotion of national health and development in Nigeria…


To conduct research into diseases of public health importance in Nigeria and develop structures for the dissemination of research findings while providing the enabling environment and facilities for health research and training in cooperation with the federal and state ministries of health and in collaboration with universities, allied institutions and organized private sector nationally and internationally.


The mandate of the Institute under the enabling Act of 1977 are:

  • To conduct research into Communicable Diseases of Public Health importance in the country
  • To conduct research into Non-Communicable Diseases prevalent in the country
  • To conduct research into basic, applied and operational research for the prevention and control of diseases endemic in the country in co-operation with the Federal and State Ministries of Health
  • To develop human and infrastructural capacities for clinical and biomedical research in collaboration with Medical Schools, Universities and other Health-related Institutions, in and outside Nigeria
  • To disseminate the results of health research in the country through training courses, scientific publications, conferences, workshops and other communication channels to the Federal and States Ministries of Health, relevant stakeholders in the Public and Private sectors as well as the general public.