The Administration Department provides the enabling environment for the realization of the Institute’s research mandate through its Personnel Management functions.  This involves routine administrative discipline, interpretation and enforcement of the Public Service Rules (PSR), provision of secretarial services to the Institute’s Management Committee, provision of legal services, and issuance of cover for all assets, keeping of policy files and updating of staff records. The Department also manages the Security Unit of the Institute.


Alh. A. S. Yunusazazzau  Director of Administration nmi
Mrs. A. E. N. Okoye        Deputy-Director Officer
Mr. N. N. Bitrus              Chief Administrative Officer
Mr. B. N. Osuji                Chief Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
Miss. A. N. Nneji            Chief Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
Mrs. N. I. Akintan           Principal Administrative Officer
Mrs. C. N. Nwofor          Principal Executive Officer I (Gen. Duty)
Mr. M. K. Idris                Principal Executive Officer I (Gen. Duty)
Miss. M. T. Okon            Principal Confidential Secretary I
Miss. U. A. Asuquo         Principal Confidential Secretary II
Mrs. N. N. Ekpo              Chief Secretarial Assistant
Mrs. F. J. Adeniyi            Senior Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
Mr. O. O. Ugwu              Administrative Officer I
Mr. D. A. Muhammad    Administrative Officer II
Mr. J. O. Oyibo              Administrative Officer II


  • To plan, provide and maintain a corps of highly motivated and dedicated staff, backed by adequate logistics that will enable them perform at an optimum level towards the achievement of the objectives of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research to promote all such activities that will lead to staff development and retention


  • Ensure the attainment of aims and policy of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
  • To attract and maintain a dedicated and disciplined work-force
  • To provide fair terms and conditions of employment, and conducive work environment for employees
  • Promote of effective communication system between the Management, Unions and the Employees
  • To initiate and monitor actions that will enhance institutional peace, efficiency and justice


  • Manpower planning, recruitment and selection, that is, forecasting and planning the required qualified labor force to meet the current and future needs of the Institution and taking necessary steps to hire them.
  • Analysis of employee training needs and provision of facilities and opportunities for employees to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to perform their jobs and to develop their individual potentials to meet the present and future needs of the Institution.
  • Regular appraisal of staff performance and development; and promotion to appropriate or relevant jobs where their competences can enhance effective organizational growth
  • Management of personnel records and administrative procedures to ensure availability of accurate information for effective planning
  • Promotion of effective communication systems between the Management, Unions and Employees and establishment of procedures for resolving conflicts whether personal or institutional through joint consultation and collective bargaining
  • Collection and distribution and management of in-coming correspondence
  • Provision of support services to all standing, and ad-hoc Committees of the Institute

Other Activities

  • Verification of Staff Credentials
  • Appointment and Promotions
  • Staff Welfare – National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)
  • Management of IT Students and National Youth Corp members