The Administrative Department ensures the efficient performance of all Departments in the Institute. It is charged with the responsibility of providing administrative and support services to the Institute. The Department is required to create an enabling environment for the conduct of research through the discharge of its Personnel Management and Administrative functions.


The Mission of the Administration Department is to provide Services in the most efficient and effective manner required for the smooth conduct of Research and in conformity with Government rules and regulations.


To provide the services required for the advancement of Research in the fulfillment of the Institute’s mandate.


1 Alh. A. S. Yunusazazzau, mni Director of Administration
2 Mr. N. N. Bitrus Deputy-Director (Admin)
3 Mr. B. N. Osuji Chief Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
4 Miss. A. N. Nnenji Chief Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
5 Mrs. N. I. Akintan Chief Administrative Officer
6 Miss. M. T. Okon Asst. Chief Confidential Secretary
7 Miss. O. F. Onwudinjo Principal Administrative Officer
8 Mrs. F. J. Adeniyi Prin. Exec. Off. I (Gen. Duty)
9 Mr. O. O. Ugwu Senior Administrative Officer
10 Mr. D. A. Muhammad Senior Administrative Officer
11 Mr. J. O. Oyibo Senior Administrative Officer
12 Mr. N. Talmon Senior Administrative Officer
13 Mrs. N. N. Ekpo Chief Secretarial Assistant
14 Mr. N. E. Udu Legal Officer II
15 Miss. C. P. Ukeji Senior Exec. Officer (Gen. Duty)
16 Mr. J. Audu Higher Exec. Officer (Gen. Duty)
17 Miss. M. M. Abu Administrative Officer II
18 Mr. A. Y. Abubakar Administrative Officer II
19 Mrs. B. R. Atte Higher Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
20 Mrs. T. S. Afolabi Administrative Officer II
21 Miss. A. B. Oguntade Executive Officer (Gen. Duty)
22 Mr. S. A. Shobande Chief Clerical Officer
23 Mr. I. O. Benjamin Chief Clerical Officer
24 Mrs. L. N. Onyejekwe Chief Clerical Officer
25 Mr. A. O. Sunmola Chief Clerical Officer
26 Miss. U. M. Luke Chief Clerical Officer
27 Mrs. E. A. Ajakaiye Chief Clerical Officer

Divisions in the Department includes

    • Registry
    • Appointment, Promotion and Disciplinary
    • Pension and Welfare
    • General Administration, Training and Development
    • Legal Matters
    • NIMR Kitchen
    • Corporate Marketing and Communication

Activities of the Department

The activities of the Administrative Department includes:

  1. Provision of Secretarial Services to the Standing Committee of the Institute and in that capacity prepare agenda and the necessary working documents for standing committees meetings as directed by the Director-General/CEO.
  2. Advised Management on administrative and personnel issues.
  3. Responsible for effective understanding of the Institute’s personnel management functions such as recruitment of staff, training and development, salary administration including allowances, leave matters, staff posting, discipline and withdrawal of service in the form of retirement, resignation of appointment, termination, dismissal from service as the case may be as well as processing of staff Annual Performance Evaluation Report.
  4. Responsible for staff welfare matters, implementation of approved policy on Medicare, Pension and Housing etc.
  5. Handling of the Institute’s legal and insurance matters.
  6. Keeping and updating of staff records.
  7. Liaising with the Finance and Accounts Department and various Research Departments in the preparation of the Institute’s Development Rolling plan and Annual Budgets.
  8. Supervision of the security unit.
  9. Handling of official Administrative correspondence of the Institute with its public.
  10. Undertook any other duties as may be assigned.