Centre for Human Virology and Genomics (CHVG) is an ISO 15189 accredited and a WHO Prequalification laboratory. In 2021, after a rigorous assessment process, it became officially designated as a WHO national laboratory for HIV drug resistance testing. The Center has been actively involved in responding to COVID-19 pandemic since its inception which has been quite tasking disrupting some of the routine services provided.  However, in 2021 we returned back the routine service provision alongside the free PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 from our drive-through center.

Yellow fever and Lassa fever are endemic diseases which have been recently associated with high levels of morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. Diagnosis of these diseases have been quite challenging due to limited access to diagnostics. This compelled us to develop two kits namely: NIMR Yellow Fever Virus RT-q PCR Kit and NIMR Lassa Fever Virus RT-q PCR Kit. The kits have been successfully validated are in use. Other innovations are in the pipeline at CHVG.


CHVG has three research groups; Viral surveillance, Population Genomics and Cancer (POPGEC) and Blood Genetics and Transfusion research groups.

The Viral Surveillance group seeks to understand the ecology of viruses associated with viral haemorrhagic fever and their hosts in order to develop effective public health strategy for their control in Nigeria. This group also conducts research into other viruses of public health importance. The research focus of this group include:

  1. Characterization of viruses associated with VHFs, provide information on main reservoirs of infection in VHF-prone areas and train a crop of young scientists in support of the National Control Program.
  2. Conduct surveillance and molecular characterization of major viruses of public health importance.
  3. Development and validation of PCR assays (conventional and real time) and serological assays (antigen, and antibody based) for active surveillance. Contact: rosemaryaudu@nimr.gov.ng or josephshaibu@gmail.com

The Population Genomics & Cancer (POPGEC) group focuses on utilizing molecular and genomic technologies for various research, relevant to improve human health. POPGEC’s current research themes include:
1. Population Genomics and Epidemiology.

  1. Cancer and Genotoxicity.
  2. Diagnostic Assays Development Programme.
  3. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology contact: popgec2020@gmail.com or chikaonwuamah@nimr.gov.ng

The Blood Genetics & Transfusion Research group (BGTR) focus on the significant reduction in transmission of diseases through blood transfusion. The group aims to develop and evaluate reference reagents thereby forming standards for detection assays. BGTR major objective is to identify genes which define immune response to pathogens and blood disorders therefore, discovering new target genes for therapeutic approach. Contact: fhemy2003@yahoo.com or osamoo@nimr.gov.ng

We conduct all our research and service activities in line with quality management system (QMS), as CHVG continues to advance in laboratory systems quality implementation.

The CHVG has state of the art equipment, and many more equipment have been added to the list. We welcome researchers who wants to collaborate with us, just send an email to chvg.micro@nimr.gov.ng or apokwuraiwe@nimr.gov.ng


Quality Management System Training: As a certified and accredited laboratory, CHVG offers to the public several years of both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience gained on Quality Management System (QMS), to different individuals and laboratories who seek to improve their service delivery and become accredited.

Cost: N200,000 per participant

Training duration: five (5) days

Venues: CHVG Conference room, NIMR

Facilitators: Mrs. Morenike Igbinavbiere, Mr. Disu Tajudeen, Dr. Sam Amoo

A Certificate will be issued at the end of the training.

  1. Molecular and Genetic Techniques of infectious diseases Training: At our highly equipped and constantly evolving molecular labs, the basics of molecular techniques available (manual and automated) will be covered. This will be supported with practical sessions. The experience will be enriching due to the varied research activities occurring at the laboratory constantly. A tour of NIMR Central laboratory facility (which houses a next generation sequencer) will be conducted.

Cost: N150,000 per participant

Training duration: five (5) days (plus another optional 5 days of lab practical)

Venues: CHVG Conference room and the Molecular lab

Facilitators: Dr. Chika Onwuamah, Mr. Rahaman Ahmed, Dr. Sam Amoo

A Certificate will be issued at the end of the training.


  1. World Hepatitis Day; July 28th.

Dr. Azuka Patrick Okwuraiwe

Head, Centre for Human Virology & Genomics

Miss Stephanie Nwaiwu

(For your commitment to duty and hardwork)

Customers can read the client handbook and pay online

NOTE: At the field name of service, please select “HVL Income” instead of “OI income” stated on the guide. This is crucial else you will not see the tests you want to pay for. Use the prices in the Clients handbook to fill in the unit cost per test you select. The total amount payable will then be automatically generated. You can then procedure to fill the remaining fields, and following the prompts to pay online using your bank card or generate an RRR code to use to pay cash at any bank.
Subsequently, download and filled our test request form and ship the sample to our facility with copy of the payment receipt and the filled request form.


1.Prof. (Mrs.) R. A. AuduDirector of Research/HOD, Microbiology
2.Dr. Chika K. OnwuamahChief Research Fellow
3.Dr. Azuka P. OkwuraiweResearch Fellow I/Head CHVG
4.Dr. Olufemi S. AmooResearch Fellow I
5.Mrs. Fehintola A. IgeResearch Fellow II
6.Mrs. Mabel O. UwanduJunior Research Fellow
7.Mrs. C. Leona OkoliChief Science Lab. Technologist
8.Mr. Gideon O. LiboroChief Med. Lab. Scientist
9.Mr. Ebenezer O. OdewaleAsst. Chief Med. Lab. Scientist
10.Mrs. Rashidat M. OmoloyePrincipal Science Lab. Tech.
11.Mrs. Morenike A. IgbinavbierePrincipal Science Lab. Tech.
12.Mrs. Chinasa C. OnyeituPrincipal Science Lab. Tech.
13.Miss Joy M. OdofinScience Lab. Technologist
14.Mr. Osaga O. OforomehPrincipal System Analyst I
15.Mr. Christian A. OjonugbaSenior Executive Officer (Accounts)
16.Mr. Sunday O. FrancisHigher Executive Officer (Accounts)
17.Mrs. Roseline O. AlesinloyeChief Executive Officer
18.Mrs. Obioma G. Iyke-AzikeAdmin. Officer 1
19.Mr. Prince U. AtatAssistant Executive Officer
20.Mrs. Mary O. AlexanderHigher Executive Officer
21.Mr. Eghosa EhikhametaloHigher Executive Officer
22.Mrs. Elizabeth O. OyesolaExecutive Officer
23.Mr. Boniface AjenuSenior Motor Driver/Mechanic I
24.Mr. Joseph O. ShaibuProject-Research Fellow