Biochemistry & Nutrition Department

The Department conducts studies on the efficacy safety and cost-effectiveness of various antimalarial agents for the treatment of malaria in the country. Other areas of research-focus of the Department include the impact of nutrition on predominant infectious diseases in Nigeria.  In collaboration with other institutions, the Department is involved in studies to investigate the anti-protozoa and anti-microbial properties of natural and synthetic organo-sulphur compounds.  The Department also is supported by the Global Fund, the Federal Ministry of Health and some Pharmaceutical companies to conduct operational research support to the on-going roll back malaria programme in the country.
The Department provides laboratory support  for Internship, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies. Department consists of the following units;

Drug Analysis Unit
Nutrition Unit
Natural Products Unit
Malaria Molecular Biology Unit
Operational Research Unit
Center for Research in Traditional Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CRTCAM)

The department has been involved in the following research studies;

  • Evaluation of  ACT combinations with the view of advising appropriately what best combinations to be adapted under the current WHO directives on ACTs for the Clinical management of malaria in Nigeria.
  • Molecular correlates of drugs-resistant P.falciparum in children in various Nigerian communities.
  • Impact of various nutritional strategies in patients with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
  • The roles of micro-nutrients and antioxidants have also been studied.

  Research Staff

Dr. Y.A Olukosi      Chief Research Fellow
Dr. K.N Egbuna     Chief Research Fellow
Dr. O.O. Aina         Senior Research Fellow / (Acting HOD)
Mr. O. Ajibaye       Research Fellow II
Mr. A.B Orok         Research Fellow II
Mrs. C. Oparugo  Chief Med. Lab. Scientist
Mr. I. Essien          Med. Lab. Scientist