A group photograph of MGI, Spain Biomedical Engineer: Dr. Pablo, Sanchez Velasco (MD, PhD, EngTc EMEA FAS & FSE) and technical team members of the Central Research Laboratory (CRL with the Director-General / CEO, NIMR: Professor Babatunde Lawal Salako after successful installation and functional validation of the newly acquired automated DNA Library Preparation (MGSSP-100) and Next General Sequencing (NGS) (DSBSEQ-D50) equipment by the Institute.

The Institute HB has now created a Central Sequencing Laboratory for genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants in Nigeria.

Call to Action

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NIH Meeting

A Retreat meeting held to deliberate on the
implementation of NIH (National Institute of Health) USA, DH71 Grant on
curriculum development for Bio-informatics and Genomics education in Nigeria. The
Inaugural meeting was held at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research 7th
– 9th February, 2020.

It was also a business meeting to deliberate on
new Grants focusing on capacity building in Genomics of Non-communicable & Communicable
diseases in the West African region involving the collaborations between NIMR
and University of Lagos with other higher institutions within and outside

Distinguished delegates at the First
University-NIMR research meeting for 2020 include Professor Babatunde Lawal
Salako, the Director-General, NIMR, Professor Familoni, Deputy Vice Chancellor
(Academic Planning & Research), University of Lagos, Professor Oluyemi
Akinloye, the Principal Investigator and the Director of Centre of Genomics
& Personalized Health Care (CGNPH) University of Lagos, Professor N.
Odunukwe, NIMR and Dr. Iwalokun Bamidele Deputy Director of Research, Department
of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology NIMR, the Director (Wet Lab), CGNPH
and co-investigator on the NIH D71 grant.