Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria paid advocacy visit to NIMR

The Members of Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria paid an advocacy visit to the Institute on March 3rd, 2017.   The Council congratulated the Director General for creating a peaceful working environment for all cadres of Staff in NIMR and for promoting inter and intra professional collaborations. The Council went further to inform the DG that the main reason for their visit to the Institute is to raise awareness on functions of MLSCN and advocate for Institutional compliance to the Councils regulations and standards.

They inform the DG that the Council periodically carries out inspection to assess compliance to stipulated ISO15189 in Institutions where laboratory exist.  The Council encouraged NIMR to enroll in their External Quality Assurance Program (EQA), reiterating that the council through the program sends specimens and samples for analysis in all laboratories enrolled in the scheme. The Council also recommends that the Institute should invite them for accreditation process of its laboratories in addition to other international accreditation bodies.

The Council emphasized that the annual issuance and renewal of practicing license to Laboratory Scientist is very important to regulate professional practice and discourage quacks.  The Council also encouraged the Institute to create opportunities for internship training and continuous professional development of Laboratory Scientist. The Council intimated the DG that it can provide award of Continuous Education Points (CDP) units through seminars and workshops organized in NIMR.

The Director General thanked the members of the MLSCN and promised to collaborate with the Council in the areas mentioned. He appealed to all health professionals to put in place structures that will strengthen health systems in Nigeria.

NIMR Establishment ACT of 1977

The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) was established through the National Science and Technology Act of 1977, the Medical Research Council of Nigeria was renamed the National Institute of Medical Research.  This name was further changed to the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) in 1993. pdf  or  doc. 

What To Know About Ebola

Ebola fever is diagnosed using blood tests to detect the Ebola virus in your blood. Your doctor may test you for the Ebola virus if you have symptoms of Ebola fever and have recently been in an area where the virus is found.

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