Clinical Science


The CRC is mandated to conduct research into human health problems in Nigeria, with particular emphasis on;

  1. Communicable diseases prevalent in the country e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB
  2. Major non-communicable disease prevalent in the country especially sickle cell disease, Hypertension , Diabetes , Malnutrition, Malignancies etc
  3. Reproductive and Child health diseases
  4. Any other related matters as may be determined from time to time
  5. We also provide facilities for research in medicine in cooperation with medical schools, universities and other institutions in and outside Nigeria
  6. Disseminate the results of medical research through training courses, publications etc.
  7. Social and laboratory-based research (including control interventions) on diseases such as TB, malaria reproductive and sexual health, and HIV/AIDS as well as nutrition research.

Some of these research activities are conducted in collaboration with local and international collaborators such as APIN and Harvard PEPFAR.