Senior Management Committee

Director of Administration

Director of Research

Centre for Research in Non-Communicable & Metabolic Diseases [Clinical Sciences Department]

Prof. R. A. Audu

Director of Research/HOD

Microbiology Department

Engr. E. O. Adedeji, FNSE


Mr. Y. Y. Ogaji, FCA


Finance & Accounts Department

Mr. P. O. Ejiga

Director of Planning

Mrs. C. T. Oparaugo

Director (Laboratory Services)

Biochemistry & Nutrition Department

Dr. (Mrs.) O.A. Nwogbe, PhD


Mrs. T. A. Malomo, FCA

Deputy Director/HOU

Internal Audit

Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. Sulyman, PhD

Chief Research Fellow/HOU

Dr. (Mrs.) A. Y. Olukosi, PhD

Deputy Director/HOD

Dr. David A. Oladele

Chief Research Fellow/ HOD

Clinical Science Department

Mr. S. K. Akindele

Deputy Director/Ag. HOD

Dr. (Mrs.) A. Z. Musa

Chief Research Fellow/HOU

Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

Dr. T. A. Bamidele

Senior Research Fellow/Coordinator

Mr. B. N. Osuji

Chief Executive Officer (GD)

Non-Member Secretary